1- HEALTH EDUCATION: I believe that every one of us can be curious about his body, its proper functioning, what makes us healthy and what are the possible threats that can make us ill. Information are everywhere but what is right, what is wrong, what to believe and whom to follow? This magazine is your right source: being written by myself, a doctor, and including articles developed by guest doctors from USA and Lebanon.

2- PROMOTING HEALTH AND PREVENTING DISEASES:When the right knowledge is spread and made available for the public, the next step would be to spread directions about preventive measures that every one of us should follow in order to stay healthy and disease free. My campaigns are tailored according to the need of each subgroup and simplified to make sure the message is reaching the audience the way it is intended to. You need help? That’s what I am here for! You need to know what are the best brands surrounding you? I will be straight forward about it! You want to know what to avoid? I will definitely let you know… Afterall, by enlightening the public about health and diseases, we can lower the incidence rates of diseases!

3- REDUCING MEDICAL ERRORS: That would be the third and last step in my mission through STAY SAFE magazine. After all the information, education, guidelines, and tips; the patient is equipped with all necessary tools to keep good tract of his health and life. We live in an era where patients are worried about the integrity of healthcare professionals and establishments. From another angle, most medical errors are occurring because of the following: the patient is not being very clear about his symptoms, the doctor is taking full responsibility over the choice of treatment, and lack of awareness. The scenario where patients are fully passive in the choice of their fate has to stop. STAY SAFE magazine will encourage and guide patients in becoming a part of their decision-making step when it comes to their health.

This campaign envisions the middle east population as becoming a group of well-informed individuals, having equal rights in health and treatments and walking steady into a healthier, happier and longer future.

May God help accomplish this mission…

Dr. Sandra El Hajj


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