Hello everyone,

Let me introduce you to the magazine…

“STAY SAFE- with Dr. Sandra El Hajj” is a quarterly magazine intended to raise health awareness in the Lebanese population. It was initiated in August 2013 and was a great success! Our goal is to reach UAE in 2014.

Focusing on the fact thatprevention is better than any treatment, the magazine started! I strongly believe that educating the public about preventive measures to keep them healthy and safe as well as exposing them to the numerous diagnostic measures and their recommended treatments can lead to better health outcomes. Also, when patients are well-aware of their health, existing medicines and approved treatment methods, they can participate, more effectively, in decision making with their healthcare professional. This will help prevent medical errors!

The magazine is divided into several sections, each presenting articles mainly written by me. A group of doctors from Lebanon and the USA are regular contributing writers. Their featured articles and differential opinions and ways will help the Lebanese population get exposed to different sides of the medical system.

The magazine is and will always remain complimentary. It is based on sponsored ads from companies and individuals having a humanitarian side to their business mind…

Its distribution is very wide:

  • Distributed in all healthcare establishments especially in Metn, Beirut and Keserwan area (Pharmacies, Hospitals, Clinics, Polyclinics,Diagnostic Centers and Medical Laboratories,…)
  • Deposited in hairdressers and coffee shops.
  • Distributed by hand in major malls and “aswak” such as: Beirut, Jnah, Verdun, Hamra, Zalka, Kaslik, Mansourieh, Jounieh, Jdeideh…
  • Deposited in major stores (restaurants, spas, daycares…)
  • Distributed around major universities such as AUB, LAU, AUST, USJ, USEK, NDU…
  • Distributed to employees of numerous Banks
  • Deposited in all 6 branches of Virgin Megastore!
  • Sent by email to over 170,000 persons in Lebanon and 430,000 in the Gulf area.

You can also follow up our latest news on LinkedIn and Google+.

So, there is no way you will miss your copy!

I hope you will enjoy reading…


Dr. Sandra El Hajj

Founder & Editor in chief


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