Dr. Sandra EDr. Sandra El Hajjsmalll Hajj is a healthcare professional specialized in Preventive and Global Health from the United States of America.

Her education obtained from one of the most prominent universities in Beirut, as well as one of the top 6 largest private universities in the United States, Dr. El Hajj made sure to incorporate interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches in her work.

Having more than eight years of experience in the USA, Jeddah and Lebanon, she proved her passion towards helping societies embrace healthier lives.

Author of two published books (The Truth & All the benefits of Herbs and Spices in Food) and recipient of an “Award of Excellence” from Florida, Dr. El Hajj believes in the role of education in improving individuals’ health status and awareness.

Dr. El Hajj has been implicated in several national programs such as the prevention of asthma for kids in Miami and the development of a comprehensive National Maternal and Infant Health Policy for the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health, in 2011.

Ever since she came back to Lebanon, two years ago, Dr.El Hajj initiated numerous health awareness campaigns at a national level, among them is a yearly newsletter entitled “Your road to health” and a quarterly magazine entitled “Stay Safe with Dr. Sandra El Hajj”.

Believing in every person’s right to health, safety and happiness; Sandra is writing her third book: “This one is different and based on true life events. It is going to be revolutionary”!!!


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