Calcium & Vitamin D Supplement: A necessity?

Vitamin D is essential for both sturdy bones and a well-developed immune system. Evidence is growing through active research that vitamin D is effective in preventing both cancer and heart disease. Many people are low in vitamin D because they do not spend enough time outdoors exposing their skin to direct sunshine which is how natural vitamin D is made by our bodies.

Vitamin D is called a vitamin but it is so essential, it is considered to be close to a hormone. It has been reported that vitamin D deficiency is the most common condition in the world today. Vitamin D is directly involved in making other critical enzymes and proteins necessary to health by their role in preventing disease.

Vitamin D is produced by our body’s response to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Most people can produce 10,000 units of vitamin D with only 20 minutes of exposure to summer sun without suntan lotion or clothes. Besides the sun, the only other source of vitamin D is oral supplements.

In many Western countries people spend too much time indoors and in other countries people cover-up from the sun even though they may spend most of the day outdoors. These people along with ones with darker skin and have Irritable Bowel Disease, might be at risk of Vitamin D deficiency. Everyone should have their blood levels of vitamin D checked during their routine medical exams with their doctor and if it is low follow their doctor’s recommendation for oral supplements.

Calcium, on the other hand, is a very essential nutrient obtained from dairy food. If you don’t take your daily milk, yogurt or eat enough cheese and labneh; then, you might not be getting enough to keep your body and bones healthy! Beyond bones health, Calcium is essential for the normal functioning of blood vessels, nerves and muscles. Calcium is a necessity at all ages.Teen age is the most important stage for bone health. It is during this period that most bone mass accumulates.

If everyone maintains a normal vitamin D and Calcium level there would be far less disease worldwide and it is worth the effort to monitor this critical vitamin & mineral for a lifetime of good health.

The question is do we need both Calcium and Vitamin D? The answer is YES! when you are taking the proper amounts of both Calcium and Vitamin D, your bones will be in perfect health.

Calcium and Vitamin D work together to make you less likely to break a bone or get osteoporosis, a disease that weakens them.

Unfortunately, international studies show that both of these nutrients are deficient in most teenagers as their daily intake is not providing the needed amount. On the other hand, we are in a dieting trend for all ages: young teens and women of all ages! These diets are based on very low calorie intake meaning that the body is definitely missing on a lot of nutrients. ,

If you are a busy person, are continuously dieting, don’t eat much, drink a lot of coffee and do not have time to properly monitor your daily calcium intake & sun exposure, then it will be a great idea to consider taking a supplement that can provide both Calcium and Vitamin D at the same time. I recommend DECALCIT!

written by: Dr. Michael Popejoy

Edited by: Dr. Sandra El Hajj

StaySafe issue2 P6-9(8-11)


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