The Public Health Impacts of Divorce

Marriage between a man and a woman along with children that issue from that union is a nearly universal constant globally. Regardless of nationality or faith commitment, marriage is a rite of passage to mature adulthood. Public health researchers have also discovered that happily married couples live longer and healthier lives and the children from intact families tend to be healthier, happier and better adjusted and more successful adults themselves. Married couples share many things beyond just health. They also often share a common worldview and commitment to a common faith belief system and a commitment to their success as a couple and the successful raising of their children and even extend that commitment to sharing in the raising of their grandchildren.5282187-682x1025

Public health research and public health education now turn their attention to the adverse impacts of divorce. What happens to children when the warm, safe, secure environment of their home is disrupted by the split between the mother and the father? Social workers have studies the trauma to children spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically; and even physically as the trauma inflict somatic damages to young bodies.

Divorce often perpetuates a lifelong cycle of insecurity and a falling away from the family’s faith of choice leading children as they grow to adulthood seeking something else in their lives to give them meaning and purpose. Further, the grown children of a broken home tend to become divorced themselves leading to another generation of weak family and faith ties.

The specific effects of divorce on all family members involved depend on many factors and are still being studied. It is important to note; however; that marriages should be saved by whatever means are available to the couple considering divorce. Their children deserve and need an intact family unit within which to confidently grow and be nurtured. However, if the couple life is creating a disruptive and chaotic environment, then it would be a good idea for the parents to get separated under one condition which is to make sure that the kids will not feel any hate between the parents, no one parent trying to make them side with him/her, and kids understand that both parents are always there for them no matter what, united for them.

By: Dr. Michael Popejoy


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