The Beneficial Impact of Healthy Exercise

Global research has consistently developed a body of knowledge concerning the beneficial impact on health for those engaged in regular daily exercise. In some countries, the slang term for this activity is called “working out.” It is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages from youngsters to older people as old as 93 years old. One of the most common work out involves cardiovascular activities often called  “cardio.” Young people experience the best results when they incorporate these routines in their daily workouts.senior_exercise3

However, there are precautions that need to be considered both before and during the process of establishing a program of personal physical training, especially after the age of 60.

First, anyone with an advanced age considering adopting an exercise program should seek a physical examination and get clearance from their doctor to begin.

Knowing how to exercise properly is as important as starting an exercise program itself. Athletic trainers should be skilled at showing you the proper ways to stretch and warm up before engaging in exercises and they can show you how to do each exercise properly to prevent potential injuries and to help you get the maximum results from your time working out. In Lebanon, there is a very large number of unprofessional men and women who, after getting their bodies in shape, believe they are highly skilled and professional trainers. They are giving private lessons especially to older women who end up having a lot of health problems, injuries and pains.

Remember, even after getting clearance from your doctor and getting trained by an athletic trainer, it remains up to you to know your bodies limitations. The benefits of good health do not accrue to those who do not follow through with the commitment to engage in the healthy behaviors. The benefits include feeling healthier every day and a longer life. Many chronic diseases are actually co-morbid to poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. These can be avoided by improving health behavior choices including getting rid of sedentary lifestyles.

Also keep in mind that exercising can be included in your daily routine and not necessarily involving going to the gym such as: climbing the stairs instead of the elevator, walking, going to the mall, swimming, bicycling in nature…

By: Dr. Michael Popejoy


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